Valentina Sorrentino (1986)

Her roots reflect sounds and colors from various regions of Central and Southern Italy.

She graduated from medical school in Rome, then she moved to Catania in Sicily, where she specialized in Neuropsychiatry of Childhood and Adolescence.

She approached art by working on the theatrical method of the physical actions by E. Barba and J. Grotowski.

She studied painting and oil painting techniques with the painter Giorgia Marzi in Rome, where she had the pleasure of meeting the artist Gianpaolo Berto, who invited her to exhibit in the group show "Io sono Frida" (“I am Frida”) at the Spazio 40 gallery.

In 2019 the artistic direction of the Severino Gazzelloni International Festival invited her to exhibit her works during the XXV edition.

In January 2020 she presented her solo show "meLady", curated by Aurelia Nicolosi, at the KōArt Gallery, in Catania (Sicily).

Her artistic production stems from the desire to immortalize and merge the multiple personalities of beauty, which she appreciates in all its figurative, musical and literary features.

The female figure represents the main character in the dreamlike surrealism of Valentina Sorrentino. Her woman becomes the "narrative voice" of the story, an alter ego in which, despite her inscrutable physiognomy, multiple identities re-emerge in a game of fictions and projections with the viewer.

Through art her visions move on the thread of time to scrutinize the past and relive the moments from which history, mythology, literature and opera originated. Sensory mirages passing through time, dreams and the Mediterranean sea.

Group shows

Io sono Frida / Galleria Spazio 40 - Rome, 2014 

Points of View / Salotto 58 - Balloon – online collective exhibition aimed at raising funds for the Médecins Sans Frontières association (MSF); 2020

SyArt Sorrento Festival / Villa Fiorentino - Sorrento, 2020 

DIVO C / Galleria Incinque Openart Monti – presso “Spazio Veneziano” e “Spazio Monti” - Rome, 2020

Around the Sun / Museo di arte contemporanea “Palazzo Beneventano” - Lentini (SR), 2022


Solo shows
XXV Festival Internazionale Severino Gazzelloni / Chiostro del convento di San Francesco, rete delle dimore storiche del Lazio – Roccasecca (FR), 2019  

meLady (le mie donne nei miraggi di Roberto Vecchioni) / KoArt Gallery – Catania, 2020


Permanent Collections

Around the Sun, Pinacoteca d’Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Beneventano – Lentini (SR), 2022



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